Meet Aidan

Meet Aidan


Preferred Pronouns

Previous Institution
University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA

Political Science


  • Greek Life

How can students contact you?

Students can contact me by completing this form. Feel free to ask me any questions about my experiences as a transfer student at UConn!


Tell us about yourself. 

Hey everyone, my name is Aidan. I’m a sophomore at UConn from Monroe, CT. I transferred to UConn during the spring semester of my freshman year after spending the fall semester of my freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh. I study Political Science and plan on going to law school after undergrad. I am also heavily involved in Greek life at UConn. A couple of activities that I enjoy doing are thrifting, running, spending time with friends, and taking photos. I am looking forward to answering any questions you have about the transfer experience at UConn, so please do not hesitate to reach out!


What is your favorite spot on campus?

It’s hard to pin down my favorite spot on campus because I have so many, but if I had to choose one it would have to be Horsebarn Hill. When I decided to transfer to UConn I hadn't visited the campus yet, and when I was driving up for my transfer orientation, Horsebarn Hill was the first thing I saw and since then I’ve had a love for it. Horsebarn Hill is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots at UConn. Having a picnic with friends and having fun photoshoots while watching the sunset fall over campus is one of my favorite things to do on campus.


What do you love most about being a UConn student?

The thing I love most about being a UConn student is having the UConn community around me, always supporting me. One of the main reasons I transferred to UConn was my desire to be at a community-oriented college. Going to college in a city did not give me that feeling and immediately upon my transfer I knew that I found the place that I belong. The network of students, staff, and faculty all work together to benefit and support each other. School spirit runs deep at UConn and having a supportive community at college has made such an impact on me that I am extremely thankful for.


What is your best advice for a UConn transfer student?

The best advice I would give to a UConn transfer student is to believe in themself and know that they are capable of having an amazing experience here. I would advise every UConn transfer student to take a moment to acknowledge how amazing of an accomplishment it is to transfer to UConn and reflect on all the hard work they have done to get to this point! The transfer process comes in different forms and is easier for some than it is for others, but the one thing that every UConn transfer student must keep in mind is that you belong here. It can be scary to start at a new school, however, the UConn community is here for you. Do not be afraid to talk to people, find groups that you want to join, get to know the people in your classes, in your dorm, etc. UConn has so many resources to get involved in! I made the mistake of not putting myself out there at my first institution and upon my transfer to UConn I told myself that I needed to get involved and make friends and meet new people, and after doing that early on in my first semester at UConn I met so many people and found friends for life. As scary as it may seem, you are meant to be here and I promise you will find your people if you look for them!

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